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 1- New Campus  A nine classroom ecologic extension of the school started in 2010 when two volunteer architects of ASF (Architects without Borders) conducted an onsite evaluation and planning mission.

The resulting construction was inaugurated four years later, in 2014. It differs from traditional Zanskari public buildings to the extent that it incorporates:

Passive solar systems increase classroom temperature in Winter and limit the use of non-renewable fuel which necessitates costly trucking into Zanskar.

Seismic re-inforcements for a maximum security of people and permanence of buildings in a zone rated a 4-out-of-5 risk.

The use of local materials and resources to harmonize with the local architecture and promote their use in future buildings. An old local quarry was resurrected for the purpose.
   Project Goals : Double the classroom size from an average 140 sq.ft. to 300 sq.ft. to allow each student to sit at a desk instead of cross-legged on the floor.

Increase the school year by at least one month to remain open until the end of November or early December.

Increase classroom temperature with solar heating : from 50ºF (10°C) to 64ºF (18ºC) in March when the outside temperature is 14ºF (-10°C)

Improve academic performance thanks to a longer school year and better study conditions : increased student personal space, add the comfort of a desk, bring a higher temperature in Winter.

Reduce by half the consumption of non renewable energy.

• Establish the school as a model for energy savings

• Increase awareness to environmental issues among all Zanskaris.

2- Renovation of the old school buildings:


• Enlarge classroom size by combining two adjacent classrooms.

• Remodel the « Old Staff Quarter » into an additional Multi-Purpose Room.

• Move the existing solar panels to the « Old Staff Quarter ».

• Build a water reservoir and a school bus shelter.