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1988 : Creation of AaZ (Aide au Zanskar and first opening of the LMH (Lamdon Model School) within the Pibiting monestary (42 boys, 11 girls)

1991 : Move of the school to an independent structure in Pibiting (171 boys, 86 girls)

2000 : Change of name to "High School" (Lamdon Model High School or LMHS) in recognition to the schools good academic results.

2001 : Transfer to a larger campus in adjacent Ufti in order to accept more students (194 boys, 99 girls)

2011 to 2014 : Extension et remodeling of the school: the addition of 6,000 square feet allows for 7 more classrooms at twice the size of the existing ones, plus a second Library and Cultural Center, all for the younger students of pre-K through Class 5. The new buildings are designed to be both "eco-friendly" and in harmony with traditonal Zanskar constructions. The existing school is being remodeled to double the size of several classrooms, allowing children to sit at desks instead of on the floor. The project is the result of a partnership with ASF (Architectes sans frontières--Architects Without Borders). Up to 8 volunteer carpenters have donated their work for the last two summers (2013-2014)

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