Aidons les

Four ways to make a difference 

- Become a member of the AaZ association
   As an “AaZ member”, single or as a family, you participate by voting; you receive all communications;
you may volunteer to participate in projects. AaZ membership is required to be a sponsor (see below).
All AaZ administrative expenses are covered by a portion of the membership fees. 
     Single membership: US$ 85 per year.     
     Family membership: US$ 120 per year.

- Sponsor a child 
   Each year 30 new students enter our Lower KinderGarten class. As a “student sponsor”, you 
support the studies of a child at the advertised annual fee, ideally for the duration of the child’s
12-year education at the school, from LKG-Lower KinderGarten through Grade 10.
100% of your sponsorship contribution is transferred by AaZ headquarters directly to the School. 
   School attendance of the child is monitored daily by the school staff and audited annually by an
AaZ representative visiting the school.
   If for any reason a sponsor can no longer continue his/her sponsorship, AaZ will attempt to find
another sponsor and, if unsuccessful, will pay the student's tuition from the reserve funds of the
     Single membership & sponsoring of student: US$ 320 per year.
     Family membership & sponsoring of student: US$ 350 per year.

 - Sponsor the school 
   100% of yourschool sponsorship goes to maintain the school buildings, purchase teacher & student
material, add books to the library, add experiments for the science laboratory among others.
     Single membership & sponsoring of school: US$ 280 per year.
     Family membership & sponsoring of school: US$ 310 per year.

- Make a one-time gift to the school
   Donations for the school is put into a reserve fund and used for improvements to the school as needed. 
Examples are: the need for a larger multipurpose room allowing for student and parent assemblies,
additional staff quarters for teachers who come from outside of Zanskar, additional solar panels to
bring electricity to staff quarter, desks and benches.

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