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Annual Meeting

The 3-day event is open to all, including non-members. It takes place during the long week-end of Pentecost, between end-of-May and early-June. It is a unique mix of business, social networking and touristic leasure, each time in a different part of France. It attracts 60 to 90 of us each year.

Attendance is highly recommended for whoever wants to become an active participant, or be present as an observer. The formal business meeting is limited to half a day, with the following agenda:

- 1 - The President presents her report for the year

- 2 - The Treasurer presents his financials for the previous year.

- 4 - Members vote their approval by raising hand.

- 5 - Specific Projects are presented. Ongoing issues pertinent to the school are presented and debated.

- 6 - The budget for the following year is presented, discussed and approved.

- 7 - A new executive council or « Bureau » is elected, typically re-appointing the members in place.

- 8 - Regional and country delegates present their fund raising efforts. Visitors to the school report on their last visit in Zanskar, often sharing their photography.

Minutes of the meeting are available to all members, including those who did not attend.

The typical venue is at a family vacation village, for basic comfort at modest cost in a pleasant environment and, of course, with a minimum of gastronomy ! It accounts for a relaxed atmosphere allowing members to socialize and for old timers to welcome new members.

Since the 3-day meeting is moved each year to a different region of France, participants also enjoy a modicum of tourism, recently in the Basque country near Spain, in the Loire Valley, in the Alps then later in the Vosges mountains of Eastern France, on the coast of Brittany then later on the French Riviera. In 2015, May 23-25, it will be in the wine country near Bordeaux. Each time two to three outings are proposed, from walks in nature, to the visit of a museum, the tour of a historical town, all ending with a lively informal folkloric evening show.

Italian representatives attend the meeting and members of the French bureau reciprocate by attending the AaZ Onlus annual meeting in Italy. This coordination of efforts contributes greatly to the life of our active association.